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Weaver is an all inclusive software for your store with a Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Reports and more in a simple and easy to use interface. Weaver works for Single and Multi Store Retail entities, Boutiques, Sports Stores, Cafes, Quick Service Restaurants and Delis.

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Point of Sale

Designed to Simplify

Designed to Simplify

Weaver is designed to be simple with no training required to use it. The interface is intuitive and you can easily use all of its features. Weaver comes with an organised layout of your catalogue to reduce checkout time and keep your customers happy.

Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts, Reports & Reconciliation

Weaver lets you choose and customize your receipts and sends them over email and sms instantly. Weaver also helps you with your daily payment settlements, reconciliations and even assists you with your tax statements.

Weaver POS

Manage your inventory

Stock Control

Stock Control & Mapping

Weaver maps each item to your inventory and lets you create smart combos by picking and bundling multiple items together. Weaver pops up an alert when your stock level falls below a set threshold and helps you to replenish it.

Manage Purchase

Manage your Purchases & Transfers

Weaver manages your vendors and the entire purchase and procurement processes. It also lets you transfer inventory from your warehouse to the stores or between stores.

Weaver POS

People First

Keep Customers close

Keep your Customers Close

Weaver optimizes your sales cycle around your customers. It identifies and gives you suggestions to ensure that you have happy and returning customers. Weaver lets you run campaigns and collect customer feedback.

Keep Employees Closer

And your Employees Closer

Employees are the key to your store's success and Weaver makes them productive and satisfied. Weaver also lets you choose who has access to what data in your store.

Weaver POS

Data & Reports

Access Data Real time

Access your Data in Real Time

Weaver is a cloud connected system with full offline capability, which means you get to access every data point in your store in real time from anywhere. Weaver has a detailed list of tailored store specific reports to give you insights on your sales, inventory, customers and employees.

Point of Sale

Reports in your Inbox

Weaver ensures that your data reaches you through smart emails that give you real insights into your business operations. Daily email reports with sales data, weekly reports with sales and inventory information and a monthly store performance report helps you take the right steps towards growth.

Weaver POS


Our Solution for your Store!

Retail POS
Retail POS



Weaver has a variety of tools to improve your sales, track and manage the inventory and ensures your customers are happy and return for more. It also automates mundane jobs, plugs holes in your business and helps you track your growth.

Restaurant POS
Restaurant Icon



Source the perfect raw materials, get complete control on your quality, ensure consistency and innovation in taste to ensure your customers come back for more. Weaver helps you maintain your recipes, manages your replenishment, gets the best out of your vendors and keeps track of your numbers while giving you more time to spend with your customers.

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What People Say!

Abad WildFish is a flagship retail concept from Abad - a 150 year old business group and Weaver has been pivotal with its technology stack, giving us real time access to our stores and helping us manage the inventory with ease. Maintaining control over inventory based on sales is the most important aspect in retailing Fresh/Perishable products. Weaver is a great product for a multi outlet business like ours.

George Alex
Brand Manager. Abad Group.

I've been using weaver for the last 1 year and I must say that I am extremely happy with the product. The software is neatly designed and user friendly. The best part is that the team is happy to customise the product to suit your needs. The after sales support is brilliant. Highly recommended!!

Sichuan. HSR, Bangalore.

Looking for an inventory management and billing software which is easy to use and with minimal investment in hardware? Weaved in fits in perfectly for small and medium retail businesses. Simple front end and easy to understand features is very helpful for retail billing and stock maintenance and rotation across multiple stores.

Rajesh Ramakrishnan


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